I was born on 1/9/1975 a Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon in France. The traveling childhood between France and Italy gave me the advantage of learning two languages and assimilate two cultures.

I did my studies in Italy: in Garino, around Turin, in Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo, and in Turin.
The courses of restoration, carpentry, refurbishment of furnishings, the diploma at the Liceo Artistico and The professional qualification specialized in ancient lacquers, gilding and Trompe l’oeil represent, for now, my educational background.
It is a constantly evolving area thanks to constant learning through seminars and workshops.
I dedicated a short area of this website to the list of experiences that, to date, have shaped my professionalism and reflect my complete dedication to the world of creativity, seen as a physical and concrete manifestation of my own world of ideas. My private choices are weaved with the artistic ones and the opportunities that life is giving me lead more and more towards the suggestions of the art world.