Choise Longue

Flexible plywood, CARBALHO wood, fiberglass,
stainless steel, aluminium, car paints.

A structure on which to sit, relax and think.
Flexible plywood, sheared on the quarter CARBALHO wood,
painted armrests, fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminium,
car paints, sponge, cotton, microfiber, spiders and bolts.
My first desire was to build a structure on which to sit,
relax and think.
Thought is the first step to enter the world
of ideas and give birth to the creations.
My early sketches represent, on the horizontal view, a rather large
human silhouette.
Then, drawing the outline of my back
I created a floating surface from which two armrests protrude.
It’s the line that stands out most, the seating surface is detached
from the base and its thickness is painted white,
in order to accentuate the impression of motion.
My choice of colours derived from a continuous and deep desire
to copy Nature, the great generator of all our ideas and inventions.
For this work, before choosing the final colours,
I went to the “Cicogne e Anatidi” centre in Racconigi,
where I carefully observed the colours of the MANDARINA DUCK’s feathers,
noting how the fine white plumage outlines the coloured areas.
The shape, style and seams of the mattress and cushions,
follow the line of the chair, but are opposite to its contour,
thus creating very irregular shapes.