Wood recovered from scraps of the production of shaped tables for hospital use,
steel, aluminium, Deteriorated wood,
halogen low-power lamp, magnifying lens, MDF, car paint.

The creation of this lamp comes from the desire to direct a light source
through a playful approach in order to dominate and convert it into
a different light resolution.
To achieve this goal I created a geometric structure
shaped in layers of plywood painted brilliant red matching
a structural background made of worn out wood.
The shaft of light is produced by decreasing holes obtained from
drilling the plywood layers, from bottom to top.
The cone-shaped cavity allows the light beam to come out upwards.
The regular intervals between the panels act visually
in the recognition of the light cavity.
At the top of the cone-shaped opening is set a magnifying lens
that directs the light beam projecting on the ceiling
an image of the inside of the lamp.
Inserting a slide in one of the layers of the lamp
we can see the image projected.