Linde wood and acrilyc paints
year 2020/21
200 cm h x 40×100 cm


Idea: Bruno Geda
Video: Davide Carrari
Voice: Luigi Ciotta

Video made using a block of sculpted ice, the expert eyes of a photographer and the surprising irony of an actor.

“The Law is equal for All” a phrase that has always struck me for its consistency so ephemeral.
From the dawn of days, there are men who do not respect it and others who fight to enforce it.
I wonder what value has the “All”, who are we to have the conceit of imposing such a narrow vision and who has the power to decide for the life of another.
Above all else, why more and more often people that end up in prison have the sole fault of imagining a different future, while others, the true builders of the “Empire of the Burps”, get away with it.
The law is not the same for everyone!
I was struck by the phrase: “The world does not need heroes, but people with common senseā€.


The human kind since the most remote times, has conveniently chosen accessories to embellish themselves and be more attractive. They were and are of every form, the more precious the material is the more it acquires value, these objects are commonly called jewels.
Personally, I say that the most precious possession we have on Earth is Water, an essential element of Life, procreator of every living being.
With this work of mine I wanted to restore greater dignity to what I consider to be a Jewel.
Fluid and elusive like life itself, we don’t get the time to contemplate it that it has already changed its shape and is ready to melt and disappear leaving behind a memory.
Ice jewelry, a way to communicate an emotion of a moment with a physical sensation, they are objects that belong to the world of ephemeral being, a light and elusive beauty. They are the embodiment of a metamorphosis in which each of us is basically aware of being different from our neighbor for aesthetic and character features, but, in the same way inside, after all, right where the memories and emotions are established in ourselves, we are all the same. I created unique molds in order to offer anyone the chance to admire and donate a jewel, for a moment of joy, love or passion, in which it is possible to drown a gift and maybe a minute of poetry.




Year: 2010
Technique: Animation
Drawnings: Bruno Geda
Editing: Davide Carrari